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Safety Tips on How to Avoid Fraud in Philippine Real Estate

Avoid problems and follow these safety tips so you can have a pleasurable experience when purchasing your dream home. Deal only with a reputable company. Do your research and ask other people for their opinion on that company. Make sure that company has an office and other contact information. Check the agent’s ID. Check his/her […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Requirements What are the requirements if I want to purchase a property? If I live abroad, can I still purchase a property? Making an Appointment How do I make an appointment to visit the available lots? How can I make a reservation? How can I go to an Open House? How can […]

Why Invest in our Real Estate Properties?

In this outline you will see the major events in Philippine history and their effects on Philippine real estate in the past, the present and how they will shape the future. The Past In the 1960s, the center of trade and industry was in Escolta in Manila. At that time, areas like Makati, Pasig were […]

Document Requirements for the Purchase of Real Estate in the Philippines

For Individuals 1. Photocopy of residence certificate or passport. 2. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN). 3. Photocopy of valid ID with picture & signature of buyer(s). 4. 2 Original kind of proofs of billing. (Should show same address as that appearing on the signed Reservation Application.) 5. For married individuals, photocopy of marriage certificate. Note: For […]

How to Buy a Real Estate Property in the Philippines

In order to buy property in the Philippines, you must: either be a) a Filipino Citizen, b) a natural-born Filipino Citizen who lost his/her Filipino citizenship through naturalization in another country, c) a Filipino by dual-citizenship, or d) a foreign national married to a Filipino Citizen. For individuals classified under b, c or d, he/she […]

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